I am currently a Clinical Senior Lecturer and CRUK Clinican Scientist  in Uro-Oncology at the CRUK: Beatson Institute and the Institute for Cancer Sciences at the University of Glasgow.

I carried out my PhD (2007-2011) at the University of Glasgow under the supervision of Professors Owen J Sansom and Hing Y Leung, looking at the role of Wnt signalling in bladder cancer  (funded by the MRC and CRUK).

My current research interest is in understanding the mechanisms of treatment resistance in advanced prostate cancer.  As part of the Urology Group at the Beatson, headed by Professor Leung, work in my laboratory uses novel in vivo models in conjunction with patient samples to interrogate the disease processes in advanced and treatment resistant prostate cancer.


Research Funding

2016-2023              CRUK – Clinician Scientist Fellowship – “Identification and Validation of New Therapeutic Targets in Enzalutamide Resistant Prostate Cancer” (£1,400,000)

2011-2015               Prostate Cancer Charity – Project Grant – “Synergistic interaction between Sprouty 2 loss and PI3K/AKT activation in prostate carcinogenesis” (£150,000)

2011-2013               Academy of Medical Sciences – Clinical Lecturer Starter Grant – “Identification of prostate cancer driver genes by a transposon-based insertional mutagenesis screen in Pten mutant mice” (£30,000)

2008-2011               MRC Clinical Training Fellowship – “Synergistic interactions between PTEN, HER and Sprouty signalling in prostate cancer” (£250,000)